Blue Star Transcriptions Ltd. is a Canadian medical transcription company offering medical transcription services to individual physicians/health professionals, hospitals, and clinics within the Health Sector who are as committed to quality patient care as we are.

Blue Star Transcriptions Ltd. knows that the medical record must reflect an accurate and complete account of patient care, and we are committed to providing confidential, quality and timely transcription in order to assure continuity of care.

We want our clients to recognize Blue Star Transcriptions Ltd. for our high standards in the medical transcription service, and preserving the integrity and sensitivity of your patient data.

Most importantly, we want to spotlight the Blue Star Transcriptions Ltd. Medical Transcriptionist as a vital member of your team. Our medical transcriptionists are the best-trained medical transcriptionists in the country, and take pride in their profession as medical language specialists.
Our company's philosophy is "Total Customer Satisfaction", Accuracy and Efficiency